Hometap Discovery Day

How might we...? This day, the Design team and Product Management team worked together to ideate and solve a specific problem that was a blind spot
with the Hometap software. Through two days of ideation, we worked together to create a way to solve and incentivize the facilitation of maintenance of properties that we (Hometap) invest in.

How might we... facilitate the maintenance
of our invested properties? 


High Fidelity


A new way to travel.

CityNav is an app I created during my Product Design class this past spring. As someone who often takes public transportation,
I found that the current app for navigating the train was daunting, and I wanted to create an experience that was a lot more linear.
The App’s key features are a built-in transit card (universal) and an AR navigation system.
All work done in Figma and sketches done in Procreate.

User Stories / Initial Wireframes
Component Library / Major Screens Overview
Key Screens

Initial User StoriesLow Fidelity Wireframes

Ringer Park

A project based on a local park near me.
Objective: Create uniform branding and wayfinding for this small Allston park.

A website describing what the park is about, upcoming events at the park, and photos of the park.

Wayfinding: We created signage and characters that made the park feel unified and appropriate for all ages.

Final Deliverables