Hometap Discovery Day

How might we...? This day, the Design team and Product Management team worked together to ideate and solve a specific problem that was a blind spot
with the Hometap software. Through two days of ideation, we worked together to create a way to solve and incentivize the facilitation of maintenance of properties that we (Hometap) invest in.

Roles: Creating file upload screens, assisting with ideation
In collaboration with Design team and Product teams

How might we... facilitate the maintenance
of our invested properties? 



This project was created based on the lack of proper transit app in the City of Boston. As a full-time commuter, I realized that not only was Boston’s way of tracking systems inaccurate, but the lack of a proper mobile application hindered my experience riding the T every day.
My solution for this is an app called CityNav. 

All work done in Figma.
GIF made in After Effects.

Early stage Wireframes

Key Screens