cody tu
Cody Tu is an 18 year old photographer based in Providence, Rhode Island. However, He frequently travels back and forth between Providence and Boston.
He works on the Production team for No Label.
-Travis Scott & Cactus Jack Records
- Complex Magazine
- Puma Basketball
- SXTN30
- Cured Collection
- Natasha Shangari
- JPaulished
- 6lack and Love Renaissance 
- JID and Since the 80's
- Paris! + Friends! 
- Providence Children's Film Festival
- Fernando Flaquer
- Nike
- Side District
- Cousin Stizz 

- Boston Voyager
- Complex Magazine
- Angelhead Magazine
- Providence Children's Film Festival 2019

2018 Rhode Island Congressional Art Award ​​​​​​​for Senator Langevin and Senator Reed
Thank you!